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Appendix E. Places in Scotland which lay in a registration county of a different name to their historic county in the 1861 Census

At the time of the 1861 Census of Scotland, the parishes listed in Column 1 lay in more than one county. The counties in which which each lay are listed in Column 2. For the purposes of the Census of 1861 each parish was considered to be wholly a part of that registration county with the same name as the last county listed in column 2 (e.g. Alyth was part of the registration county of Perth).

Parish                           Counties

Abernethy                        Inverness / Elgin                      
Abernethy                        Fife / Perth                      
Alyth                            Forfar / Perth                      
Ardnamurchan                     Inverness / Argyll                     
Arngask                          Perth / Fife                       
Arngask                          Kinross / Fife                       
Ashkirk                          Selkirk / Roxburgh                   
Banchory-Devenick                Aberdeen / Kincardine                 
Beith                            Renfrew / Ayr                        
Bellie                           Banff / Elgin                      
Boharm                           Banff / Elgin                      
Cabrach                          Banff / Aberdeen                   
Cairney                          Banff / Aberdeen                   
Cathcart                         Lanark / Renfrew                    
Cawdor                           Inverness / Nairn                      
Coupar-Angus                     Perth / Forfar                     
Cramond                          Linlithgow / Edinburgh                  
Cromdale                         Elgin / Inverness                  
Croy                             Nairn / Inverness                  
Culter                           Peebles / Lanark                     
Daviot and Dunlichty             Nairn / Inverness                  
Drumoak                          Kincardine / Aberdeen                   
Dunlop                           Renfrew / Ayr                        
Duthill                          Inverness / Elgin                      
Dyke and Moy                     Nairn / Elgin                      
East Kilpatrick (New Kilpatrick) Stirling / Dumbarton                  
Edzell                           Kincardine / Forfar                     
Fala and Soutra                  Haddington / Edinburgh                  
Forgandenny                      Kinross / Perth                      
Fossaway and Tulliebole          Perth / Kinross                    
Galashiels                       Roxburgh / Selkirk                    
Gartly                           Banff / Aberdeen                   
Glass                            Banff / Aberdeen                   
Gorbals                          Renfrew / Lanark                     
Govan                            Renfrew / Lanark                     
Innerleithen                     Selkirk / Peebles                    
Inveravon                        Elgin / Banff                      
Keith                            Elgin / Banff                      
Kettins                          Perth / Forfar                     
Kilmalie                         Inverness / Argyll                     
Kippen                           Perth / Stirling                   
Kirkliston                       Edinburgh / Linlithgow                 
Lecropt                          Stirling / Perth                      
Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie     Perth / Forfar                     
Logie                            Clackmannan / Perth                      
Logie                            Stirling / Perth                      
Moffat                           Lanark / Dumfries                   
Moy and Dalarossie               Nairn / Inverness                  
New Kilpatrick (East Kilpatrick) Stirling / Dumbarton                  
New Machar                       Banff / Aberdeen                   
Old Deer                         Banff / Aberdeen                   
Oldhamstocks                     Berwick / Haddington                 
Petty                            Nairn / Inverness                  
Reay                             Sutherland / Caithness                  
Roberton                         Roxburgh / Selkirk                    
Rothes                           Banff / Elgin                      
Selkirk                          Roxburgh / Selkirk                    
Small Isles                      Argyll / Inverness                  
Stirling                         Clackmannan / Stirling                   
Stow                             Selkirk / Edinburgh                  
Urquhart and Logie-Wester        Nairn / Ross and Cromarty          
Urray                            Inverness / Ross and Cromarty          

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